Memory Leak Issue Is the first step toward the lower performance of the project. So we need to take care of memory while developing the project.

Hello everyone, In this article, I am going to discuss the memory leak issue in react application. I am focusing on react hooks rather than class-based. But let's compare class-based with a hook.

In the class-based component, the life-cycle contains three methods for mounting and unmounting the component: componentDidMount(),componentWillUmmount(),componentDidUpdate() respectively. But a functional component using the useEffect() hook will handle all this lifecycle. …

Hello, I am back with another important topic in Golang and React. In this article, I am going to demonstrate how we can implement Recaptcha in our project. I am going to use Golang for the backend and Next Js for the frontend.

Before we start implementation, Let discuss what is Recaptcha and why it is important for any project.

What is reCAPTCHA?
reCAPTCHA is a service that protects the website from abuse and spam. It analyzes the advanced risks that may harm your website. …

Hello, As I promised In Part 1, I am here to demonstrate Client-side implementation.

If you haven’t read my previous article, here is the link

Without talking lets start.

Go and create a Next js project.

To create a Next project:

yarn create-next <App_name>

Next is the popular react framework. It provides the server-side rendering. There are lots of advantages to using it.

If you want to read more about Next js here is the article for you.

  1. Well, Your app should be created. Lets start.

2. Open Your project in the code editor.

3. Create a file called…

Pagination in golang

Hello developers, I am back with new and important topic in Golang. In this article I am going to demonstrate how to implement pagination in golang using the famous golang orm called GORM and GIN framework.

Before We go through the series of code let discuss some idea on what we are going to achieve and how important topic it is for you.

Well, Pagination is a process of separating pages having similar content on it. Why it is necessary? Imagine you have 1000 data to show. If you show all data in a single will it be user friendly…

react-query vs swr

Hello devs, In my previous article I discussed and shown some example on react-query. I discussed about the pros and cons of the react-query.
On Doing some research about the alternative for react-query I found another amazing tools for data fetching is swr.


In-spite of different tools most of the features of the react-query and swr are looks similar and amazing as always. There are lots of benefits using react-query and swr to make React.js faster.Before starting comparing this tools let do some stuffs in swr.

To add swr

yarn create next-app swr //to create next js application
yarn add…

Traditional state management is not great for the server-side and is totally different. They are great for client-side and but not good for server-side and the next js is for server-side rendering. So using React query with next js will be the best combination. let’s go through it.

React Query with Next js

Why react query?
Improved and Optimized performance of the site and lazy loading.
- Easy Caching
- Manage memory and garbage collection.
- Reflects data update and quickly as possible.
- Update out of date data in background.

These are the some of highlights of using react-query in react application. This…

The popular React framework Next Js just Launched Next Js 10.0 version with amazing features.They claimed that the size of Next Js core is reduced by 16% .As we all know react is a very popular,easier among the developers. Even in a very short period of time next js brings alot of improvement to make development smooth and efficient.
Is these features are really amazing? How efficient they are? Let discuss some of them:

  1. Image Optimization:
    Image takes 50% of total byte of web pages. In the previous versions of Next js it takes more time to load image. Developers needs…

What is session management and why it is important?

Session management in golang

Before we start writing code for session management in Golang let discuss on what is session management and why it is important?

What is session management?

Well, session management is the process of capturing the user status while they interact with our application. Typically, web application keeps the sessions of the connected user with our application. We all experienced the session tracking while using application. Session state remember when we logged our credentials,cart information in e-commerce applications,payments methods and so on.

Session management also helps to run our application smoothly and…

Let discuss the some fundamental and important concept in Golang. Well In this tutorial we are going to discuss on Pointer, Array,Slices and Maps in Golang with some examples.

Before we discuss let setup our environment. I assume you have setup golang in your environment. Go and create a folder in your directory.


Well, Pointer is the variable that references the memory of another variable. It doesn’t reference to data. The memory address references the value that is available in that memory address. This is called passing by reference since the values is not passed in the function just the…

What If you have stable static generation in your site with the features of server side rendering?

SSR With Re(generation)

As we all know Next js is a server side rendering react framework. Next js is fast, robust and obviously server side rendering. Despite of this awesome features Next Js is excellent for supporting dynamic data and the strong reason why next js is at top level right now. With the strong theme of dynamic data for static site generation with server side rendering next js present stable incremental static regeneration.

What stable incremental static regeneration update your page with latest and greatest data super fast even having a large traffics in server side.

How server side rendering and static site generation works in Next Js?

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